The guitar is in my house! What a sweet one. Great definition in the loud and lovely trebles, and an excellent, but not overwhelming bass. The sustain is quite amazing. Nice balance up and down the neck, and across the neck. The Italian spruce I think might have added just enough brightness or cut to the sound. Great job... it sounds so full and loud. Unusual for a new spruce top. What a fine instrument. To my taste, it is the best guitar I've ever played. Thanks!!

Keith Crook - Portland, Maine - 2011 Spruce/Maple Short Scale guitar

As the former vice president of the Carmel Classic Guitar Festival, over the last 30 yearsI have had the opportunity to play and review many classic guitars crafted by up-and-coming luthiers. One of the most promising of these young craftsmen is Douglass Scott of Vancouver, British Columbia.

After auditioning roughly 30 wonderful guitars being demonstrated for attendees at the 2006 luthier's convention held in Washington state, I knew I had to own one. In competition with guitars costing more than twice as much, showcased by makers with 20 more years of experience than he, Douglass Scott's instrument stood out as one of the four best sounding.Consequently, I wasted no time in ordering a customized version.... The instrument he delivered exhibited exceptional craftsmanship and playability. Itsunderstated elegance and robusttone were exactly what I had hoped for and Douglass came through in spades. I would encourage anyone interested in owning a fine instrument to play a guitar by Douglass Scott before making any purchase. This young maker has earned my admiration and my highest recommendation.

Ephran Younger - Carmel, California - 2007 Spruce/Indian Rosewood

...What a stellar guitar it is!!! The quality of craftmanship is truly phenomenal, the minimalistic details like the purflings and the rosette elegantly compliment this instrument with an old world charm. The french polish leaves me speechless... And the materials you used are stunning. It has a vast range of modulation, sound colors and very good balance. Playability is superb! A true concert instrument from a top notch luthier!

Frederic Roy - Montreal, Canada - 2009 Cedar/Indian Rosewood